7 thoughts on “Lulu Enjoying Some Watermelon

  1. That is so sweet to watch. My son raised watermelons this year and he has 5 big ones in his garden. We just picked one last night. If we lived closer we could share with Fanny and Lulu:)

  2. Hello, Maria…
    I enjoyed your video. Your donkeys eating reminded me of our visit to Oatman, an Arizona mining town until the mines closed and the miners left. The town survived as a tourist stop along Route 66. But I believe Oatman was saved by the town’s well-known burros, descendants of the miners’ abandoned pack animals. Each morning, the burros descend into Oatman from the nearby mountains, to beg visiting tourists for food. We saw about (15) along the main street. After my wife had fed one some carrots, he persistently followed until she escaped into a gift store. There he waited outside, until his patience was rewarded with the remaining bunch.

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