Through The Wildflowers

The Asters are blooming in our wildflower garden.  I think they along with the Black-Eyed Susans will be the last of the season.

13 thoughts on “Through The Wildflowers

  1. Love the composition and depth of this beautiful muted photo – your lovely blue farmhouse is a perfect backdrop! Good work, 🙂

    1. Ah, I’ll have to show some pics of it Jan. I got lots of beans and tomatoes, some that reseeded from last year. Now there are some strange squash (cross between something) and the morning glories are taking over. But I had a good harvest of celantro and dill and kale.

  2. Such a beautiful picture! It reminds me of some classic painting full of flowers, slightly fantastical, maybe like Gustav Klimt or Monet. Definitely frameable! Seriously–sell it on Etsy.

  3. RE: “Through the Wildflowers”

    This photograph is exceptional! To me, bright colors tend to dominate a picture. However, in this shot, the cloudy sky subdues the flower colorings so that the picture’s composition and its variety of forms are also noticed. The framing is great. I wish you were still selling posters.

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