RMBDell88 Photoshoot With My Black Sheep

Cherokee, Dell with Asher and Rajh

When I think about it, what surprises me is how smooth the photoshoot with Dell and the sheep went today.

Dell is a rapper from New York City, his brother Ray, set up the photoshoot after seeing Constance when he was delivering us a UPS package. Dell’s new album coming out on September 21st is called Black Sheep and he was looking for a black sheep to take a photo with.

I didn’t know when Dell showed up today with two photographers, Cherokee and Raj, how much he liked animals.

It was the first time any of them were around sheep so I told them that Asher and Issachar would come over to them, but not to make any sudden movements or be too loud.

Cherokee wanted to get feel for the farm and he and Dell walked around looking for a good place to take photos.  The sheep and donkeys followed them as they do with people they’re comfortable with.   Then the sheep went back to the barn and Asher and Issachar followed me to where Dell was standing by the hay feeder.

I gave Dell a handful of alfa treats and he and Asher became fast friends.

Dell would cup a treat in his hand and gently guide Asher to his side.  Or when Asher wandered away, Dell would make a clicking sound and Asher would come back.

It’s unusual for a sheep to wander away from the flock, especially to spend time with someone they hardly know, but it was as if Asher knew just what to do.

The sheep and donkeys can sense when someone likes them.  Knowing that Dell was from the city, I asked if he spent a lot of time around animals.  He told me he loved animals so much that he’s a vegan.

When Dell asked for a piece of hay to hold in his mouth like a cowboy, Jon went into the house and brought out his Amish hat. Dell wore it for the rest of the photoshoot and Jon gave it to him to take home.

Dell With Asher

Ray brought his son with him and they both kept Fanny and Lulu busy so they didn’t interrupt the photoshoot.

It was just starting to rain when Cherokee announced that he got the best shot of the day.

We all stood around talking as it started to rain harder.  Rahj showed me his Instagram page and we gave Cherokee some sweet corn to take with him after he mentioned having Amish corn on the cob in Pennslyvania when he was a kid.

I don’t know much at all about rap music, but  I appreciate what Dell, known in the music world as rmbdell88, is doing.  And I loved having him and come to the farm and take pictures with Asher for his new album.  His world is so different from mine and having the two come together for a while is a sweet thing.

Click here to hear Dell’s music.

Ray with Lulu and Fanny


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  1. Looks like it was a fun day for all! I’m curious to know who the young woman is in the medallion necklaces that both Ray and Dell are wearing.

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