4 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 9/6/21

  1. That was lovely! (I don’t usually get to view these til evenings or even midweek, but am off from work today. Technically…) I love the morning chicken hop, but I’m still impressed with Liam’s attentiveness: I realize that all the sheep know the farm routine, that you are coming to feed them, or change pastures, but Liam seems to take the longer moment of acknowledgement, to be appreciatively seeing you for YOU. Is that from personalized care and concern about his recent hoof/leg issue, do you think? Or had he moved you into High Shepherdess position upon Red’s death, whom I know he challenged on occasion?

  2. The back porch and flower beds are so vibrant and full of life! And I never realized the beauty of the Schoolhouse studio windows but this video captures them.

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