Fate and Zinnia keeping me company while I did my shipping.

Sometimes Jon and I take the holidays off in an obvious way.  We’ll stop working early and go to a movie or take a drive and get lunch or ice cream.

Today’s holiday was just about taking it a little slower.

After I fed the animals, I went back to bed and read for a while before getting up. (I’m reading Francine Prose’s new book The VIxen which keeps me thinking has me in its grip).

Then Jon and I brought some hay bales, flowers and gourds to The Mansion and set them up outside.  We also fixed the “Heroes Work Here” sign which sags over time.

Jon and I visited with our neighbors Fanny, Lena and Sara Miller, who were cutting up pears for canning. Then I sat with Jon as he cut flowers from his Zinnia garden and made them into a bouquet for me. After that I took a walk in the woods with Fate and Zinnia.

All this happened in between doing my shipping.  I sold out all of my potholders and have my Checkerboard Quilt to put in the mail tomorrow. I did design some more potholders on Friday.  As you can see they were directly influenced by my Checkerboard quilt….

My new batch of Potholders

After dinner, I’ll have my weekly Zoom studio chat with Emily.

This week I want to work on my “Forest In My Livingroom” fabric painting, maybe even finish it.  And I got the idea to make some mushrooms on fabric when I was walking in the woods.  I’d used the photos I’ve been taking of mushrooms all summer to work from.  I can already picture a few. I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet once they’re done, but that will come.



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