Jon’s Zinnia Bouquet


Jon trimming his flowers for a bouquet

Every few days Jon gets the scissors from the kitchen draw and cuts flowers from his Zinnia garden.  Then he sits at the table on the back porch and makes them into a bouquet.

The first time he asked me to get him something to put them in, but now he likes to find his own vase.  Sometimes it’s an old jar, sometimes a glass or cup from the cabinet.  And he’s perfecting his bouquets too. He’s come to appreciate the big marigolds that I grew from seeds in my garden and usually adds a few dahlias and Blackeye Susan’s too.

Jon trims the stems to the “right” size for the vase and pulls off the leaves so the stems are bare.

Jon likes to give his bouquets away so this works out well for me.  Whenever I need a bouquet of flowers for the altar in my studio, I have one.

Jon’s bouquet on the altar in my studio

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