Prince Bud And His Blanket On His Wicker Throne

Bud on his wicker throne  Photo by Jon Katz

It was a few days ago that I took out the warm fleecy blanket that Sue Silverstein gave Jon last year for Christmas.  And the moment Bud saw it was back he jumped on Jon’s lap ready for a nap.

“Put the blanket on the wicker bench,” Jon said, “and Bud will be on it in a minute.”

I finally took Jon’s advice and the moment I left the house, Jon sent me this picture of Bud on his wicker throne.  He even gave up Jon’s lap for the blanket.

Looks like Jon’s going to have to find another blanket this winter.

One thought on “Prince Bud And His Blanket On His Wicker Throne

  1. I love this picture Maria! Bud looks relaxed and enjoying his new throne. Bless that dear dog and you and Jon for rescuing him.

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