The Story Of The Duck Continued, At The Mansion

Guy and his drawing.

I read the story once again to everyone sitting around the tables in the dining room at The Mansion. For the past two months, we’ve been illustrating the story that six of the women who live at The Mansion wrote together.

It’s a story about a duck who leaves home to find love.

Today we were illustrating this part of the story….”He found a beautiful duck by the edge of the woods with long legs and a fast run.  Finally she stopped to let him catch up”.

I did a drawing of the duck running with her long legs and showed everyone how to draw her using circles and lines.  First, we used pencil then went over the pencil in marker, then colored the ducks in.

It was our biggest class ever with nine people.   Some of the people who showed up are getting pretty good at drawing ducks since we’ve done it for the past two months.  But the newcomers did a great job too.

Guy, had no intention of following my directions and created his own duck and story.   I hope he continues to come to classes.  He’s obviously an artist.

Fred showed up halfway through the class and quickly caught up with everyone else.  It’s his first day at The Mansion and once he finished making the duck, he turned the paper over and drew another one doing much better without my instruction. When he told me he likes to draw,  I gave him some paper and markers to take back to his room.

We have one or two more drawings to make then we’ll bring up the story and pictures into a book.  I can already see that it will be hard to pick which drawings will be in the book, they’re all so good in their own way.

The drawings from today’s class.

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