The “Jeckyll and Hyde” of Bud

Bud in the wilds of the Hosta Garden

I heard the howl from inside my studio.  It accompanied the police siren speeding past the farm.  Long, loud, gutsy, and passionate.  Fate was sleeping in my studio so I knew it wasn’t her and Jon had Zinnia with him at The Mansion.

I looked for Bud out my door, but even though I could still hear the howling, Bud was no were in sight.

As the siren faded and howling ceased, I went in search of our littlest dog and saw a rustle of leaves as he exited the fading hosta garden.

Bud spends much of his day there, hunting chipmunks, but rarely if ever catching any. The garden isn’t so big to an adult-sized human, but to Bud, it’s a wild place. The hosta leaves big enough for him to hide under, he’s made his own small pathways that are just right for spying on his prey.

The same Bud that sleeps on his very own Bud-sized wicker bench, with his favorite blanket at night, is a wild thing during the day.

6 thoughts on “The “Jeckyll and Hyde” of Bud

  1. I like this photo of Bud. He looks like he’s up to something. Sounds like the Hostas and chipmunk bring out his inner wolf.

  2. What a great picture! Our pup Escher is a sort of Jekyll and Hyde. He’s a friendly, laid back little guy until he sees a rabbit. Then he’s a fireball speeding at Mach 10 to catch his prey. Many a time we’ve had to pull him out of a rabbit hole that he’s got himself stuck in. Once home he’s back to his happy self. I love our dogs, they bring so much joy to our lives!

  3. Your beautiful photos always lift my spirits, Maria! The beautiful sun behind your field and sweet Bud looking “regal” in the hostas, a great hiding place for the chipmunks to tease him. He’s such a huggable dog and so photogenic! Love him on that great wicker couch! Can you tell I like Bud? Your blog and Jon’s are great therapy. I thank you both! Joan

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