Almost Shearing Time Again

Robin and all his good wool

Soon it will be time to shear the sheep again.  My older sheep, Socks and Suzy and even Pumpkin don’t have as much wool as they used to.  I’m not sure I’ll be shearing them twice a year anymore.  But the younger ones, will all be shorn, including Robin.

I may be getting some Llama wool from my friend Carol Conkin this fall too.  She had her Llama, Vanilla, shorn and offered me his wool. Llama wool is very soft and I’ll probably mix with it some of the sheep’s wool.  It will also make up for the wool I won’t have from some of my other sheep.

8 thoughts on “Almost Shearing Time Again

  1. I can’t help it, I can’t resist Robin’s smile. Even now that he’s become a bit of a hippie, that rogue look wins me over ! I think he knows how adorable he is!
    Did he interact with the musicians last week?

  2. As always I am looking forward to your wool! I have a few tiny leftover balls from last years wool and can’t wait to buy a sampler from this year. Robins wool looks luxurious! Your wool is so soft and strong. The slippers I knitted for my granddaughters at Christmas are wearing well. The soles are soft and they haven’t worn a hole in them! This Christmas will be mittens.

  3. Robin is so handsome! This is the first time I’ve noticed his beautiful bangs. I imagine he’ll be glad to get them clipped soon so he can see a little better! 🙂

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