“Forest In My Livingroom” Sold

Forest In My Livingroom

The back all stitched on, as I talked about in my video yesterday, and my initials stitched in the bottom corner, Forest In My Livingroom is all done and sold.

As my art often does, this piece took me to a place I didn’t know I was going. Just when I thought it was about one thing, it turned out it went even further.  Like learning to communicate with animals, so much of my making my art is about listening.

The morning glories in my vegetable garden trusting the sun to take them into the unknown.

5 thoughts on ““Forest In My Livingroom” Sold

  1. I think you could have/should have received $1500 for ‘Forest in my Livingroom’. Please don’t penalize yourself in false modesty. The public can easily afford it. One artist encouraging another artist!

    1. Wow, Dorlores, I’ve never charged anything like that for anything I’ve made. I’d have to work up to that. But I do appreciate your confidence. Thank you.

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