The Roll Of Batting For The Bishop Maginn Quilts Has Arrived

Roll of batting for the Bishop Maginn Quilts

I got the roll of batting for the Bishop Maginn quilts on Saturday. I’m looking forward to getting started on them.  I don’t think they’ll take too long to sew together now that I have the big sheets for the backings.

Tomorrow I’m going to Emily’s house to make some more art together.  Last time she came to my studio and we made Gelli prints.  This time we’re going to be doing paper mache.

When Emily showed me some of the things she was making with paper mache, like hanging birds and pots for her succulents, it brought back good memories for me.

When I first went to art school I discovered that I liked working with chickenwire, using it as an armature to paper mache over.  I found the chickenwire easy to manipulate and shape.   It has just the right amount of resistance and character to keep me from being able to think I can make whatever it is I’m working on perfect.  As is obvious with my fabric art, I like working with materials that have their own personality.

And for me, the smell and feel of wheat paste is an added bonus.

So I’ll begin working on the Bishop Maginn quilts on Wednesday. Tomorrow my plan is to make a paper mache lamp, just like the ones in my drawings.

one of my early lamp drawings


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