Crab Apple Tree and Hydrangea Bush

The apple trees are full this year.  Especially the crab apple that hangs over the south pasture.  When I let the sheep out to graze the first thing they do is run to the place where the apples fall and gobble them up.

Even our Hydrangea is affected by the apples that have been rotting in the soil since we planted it.  The flowers have always been a greenish-white, this is the first year they’re turning pink.

4 thoughts on “Crab Apple Tree and Hydrangea Bush

  1. Your beautiful hydrangeas bush is really tall. Our bush has had beautiful blueish purple flowers. It hasn’t bloomed in over a year. I wonder what is up?

  2. Dear Maria,
    If you have time in your very busy life crab apples make a famous sweet jelly. Just sugar and apples and a packet of the powder, to buy at any food store.

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