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I wasn’t planning on cleaning my studio when I got into it this morning.  And I didn’t, not right away.  First I made designed a few potholders.

But the mess quickly got to me.  My work table with loaded with fabric and I still had piles of fabric in boxes and baskets on my floor, that people had sent me and needed to be put away.

So after lunch, I started folding fabric and once I started, I couldn’t get myself to stop.  By reorganizing and putting a few things in a box for Goodwill,  I was able to make more space and fit all my “new” fabric on shelves.

I even cleaned up my desk, finding a better way to use the little box with nine compartments in it to hold the things I use most. And I separated my bobbins so I don’t accidentally use them in the wrong sewing machine.

I didn’t think of it as I was cleaning up, but I may have been inspired by Emily who made a video on Instagram yesterday about how she keeps her collage materials organized. You can see it here. 

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the  Horse Potholders I started last week.  I made them over a few different days, and I don’t think I put a photo of them up on my blog.  So here they are…

My Horse Potholders

I’ll put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop tomorrow afternoon.

Below are the potholders I designed today.  They’re so different than the horses, more fussy I’d say.  But then they are cats.

Cat potholders

I was a bit thrown off this week since I didn’t spend as much time in my studio as I usually do.  Yesterday as I was blogging about the Virgin Mary at Bishop Maginn, I looked at the clock and saw it was time for me to leave for Bellydancing.  I finished up writing but didn’t get to post a picture of the first quilt I got together that moring for the Bishop Maginn Quilt Project.

So here it is, batting and backing sewn on ready to be tacked by the kids in Sue Silverstein’s art class.

The First Quilt for Bishop Maginn. Five more to go.

I think I’m all up to date now on what I’ve been doing. I’m looking forward to a full day in my studio tomorrow.


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  1. Third row, potholder one and two. The first one has orange in it. Second one has gray. You let me know; if they are taken that is ok.

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