Fabric Scraps For Melody

Melody’s Yard. When I saw the arrangement and colors in Melody’s yard I knew she was an artist at heart.

A few weeks ago I saw a message on our Front Porch Forum from Melody asking for fabric scraps.

Susan had just dropped off a box of fabric along with the quilt tops that gave me the idea to do the Bishop Maginn Quilt Project. I also had boxes of fabric scraps that I had gotten in the mail that were still sitting on my studio floor waiting to be unpacked.

So I was feeling fabric wealthy and thought it might be nice to share some of what I had.

I decided to make up a couple of bags of fabric scraps for Melody.  Some from Susan’s boxes and some of the fabric from my studio that I’d had a long time and hadn’t used.

Once I  emailed Melody, I found out she lived a couple of towns away and didn’t drive.  “I’ll take anything you want to give me,” she wrote back. And I knew I was talking to a kindred spirit.

So this afternoon Jon and I set the GPS to Melody’s address and headed out to her house.  A half-hour later we pulled into Melody’s driveway where she met us.

Melody told us that she started making masks “when this whole thing began” but recently got bored and decided to put together some of the scraps she had and make a quilt.  “But fabric is so expensive,” she said, “and I thought that someone might have small leftover pieces of fabric they wanted to get rid of, so I asked on the Forum.”

She pulled a few vibrant and meticulously sewn quilt squares that she’d already made from a zip lock bag she was holding.  Then told me she wanted to make a baby quilt too.

That’s when reached into one of the bags I’d brought and pulled out a ziplock bag that Susan had given me. It was filled with fabric in baby yellows and greens already cut up to be made into a quilt.

Melody let me know more than once how much she appreciated the fabric and us bringing it to her.

And I really appreciated being able to share some of the wonderful fabric that generous people are always sending me with someone who could use them and would use them well.

One thought on “Fabric Scraps For Melody

  1. I am wondering if you are interested in some lap quilts for the Mansion. They were given to me and I want to give them away. I can send photos. Two are about 36×48 inches, tied blocks of printed fabrics with a solid red backing ( a soft fabric, maybe microfiber or a blend).
    The other 2 are 42×37 with patterned blocks alternating with solids, with a flannel backing.
    If you think they would be useful I will happily send them to you
    Email me directly if you want

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