Brown Hen’s Eggs, Only A Shell

The single eggshell left in the woods

The sheep followed me into the back pasture so I let Fate stay with them while I went to look for the ten eggs I put in the woods yesterday.

The clearing where I left them is just over the stone wall.   I crouched down to get a closer look.   The ground was moist and littered with a few bits of shell,  where the eggs were.  Then I saw the last eggshell about a foot  away.

As I was taking this picture, there was a rustling in the woods.  I thought it was Fate, coming to meet me, but whoever it was took off quickly in the opposite direction, making a lot of noise.

I didn’t hang around after that.  I wanted whoever was eating the eggs to come back for the last shell if they wanted it.

Back in the pasture, Fate ran to me waiting for me to tell her to “get the sheep”.  She circled the sheep, round and round, then cooled off in the pond before going back to the house.

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