Pumpkin Painting Day At The Mansion

Claudia and Clara’s Pumpkins

Tania, who works at The Mansion asked if I’d help out painting pumpkins today.  Jon and the Army of Good bought the pumpkins, the paint, and paintbrushes.   We had a full house, eight people and eleven pumpkins.

One of the aids brought in plastic table cloths that she didn’t get to use for her daughter’s baby shower when covid shut things down last year.  So we spread them out on the dining room tables and got to work.

Claudia, Clara. Peggy and Fred

Claudia, Peggy and Fred each got to paint two pumpkins.  They finished their’s quickly and were happy to help out so no pumpkin would go unpainted.

Sharon and Peg’s Pumpkins

It makes a big difference now that there can be more than one person at a table.  One of the benefits is that they get to help and inspire each other.

Peggy and her second pumpkin

When all the pumpkins were done, Tania and I put brought the outside to dry.  We put them around the front steps of The Mansion, so everyone could see them when they come and go.

Pumpkins by Peggy, Fred, Gloria, Peg, and Tania.

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