All Done Designing “Center Of Calm”

I finished designing Center Of Calm just before it was time to feed the animals. It still needs a backing and batting and to be tacked, but this part is done.

The true colors show up much better when the quilt is hanging on the wall. I wanted to take some close-ups of some of the details but don’t have time today.  I’m heading out to Bellydancing in a bit.

Fran sent me many of the floral patterns I used.  And the solid greens are cut from vintage linen towels.  I’ve had that yellow floral print that surrounds the small squares for so many years, I think I may even have brought it with me from Old Bedlam Farm.  I’ve always loved it and was glad to be able to use it after all this time.

But then, I guess that’s why I kept it.

4 thoughts on “All Done Designing “Center Of Calm”

  1. Fantastic, Maria. I love this design. One day I will have these beautiful, colorful quilts all over my home. Your work is so much fun.

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