Dahlias For Me And The Bees

When Jon bought a bushel of dahlia bulbs at the annual Hubbard Hall Plant Sale eight years ago, I wasn’t as thrilled as he was.

I’d marveled at the varieties of flowers I’d seen at Dahlia Shows, but I never wanted to have them in my garden.  They just seemed like too much work, having to dig up the bulb every fall and replant them every spring.

But over the years, as Jon’s interest in dahlias has wained, mine had grown.

I’ve come to love digging up the bulbs in the fall and sorting them into paper bags with drawings and words to identify them for the next spring. When spring comes, it’s always much less work than I remember to plant them in the rich soil that’s been replenished over the winter from the donkey manure I mixed in it.

And this year I’m appreciating the dahlias in another way.

While so many of the flowers in my gardens are dying, the dahlias continue to bloom.  Not only do I love to seem and cut them for bouquets, but the bees and butterflies are feasting on them.

So although the dahlia garden shrunk when we put blueberry bushes in half of it, I will be planting dahlia’s again next year.  In the garden, I made for them years ago and in some of my other gardens around the farm.

I’ll do it for me and Jon,  and for the bees and butterflies.

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