Making Sheep Potholders


One of my Sheep Potholders

I only got to my studio this afternoon.  Jon had a pre-op appointment for his surgery this morning and I went with him.  I didn’t get to do one of my “Waiting” drawings though.  I talked on the phone with a friend instead.  It may have been an intensive appointment for Jon, but to me, who was waiting in the car, it one a short one.

Once in my studio, I went looking for a piece of fabric to inspire some potholders.  I found that Irish linen tea towel with the sheep on it.  Maybe because it’s close to shearing time again that the sheep called to me.

I like the bold graphic shape of the sheep but wanted to add some more color for the potholders. So I went through my stash and pulled out a bunch of fabric that I thought would work with the sheep.

I made a few today and will work on more tomorrow.

The linen tea towel before I cut it up

7 thoughts on “Making Sheep Potholders

  1. sheep question: why are you shearing them right before the cold weather? Don’t they need their wool for warmth?
    Or does it grow back faster because of the approaching cold weather?

  2. Hi Maria,
    Could I put my name in for a potholder that will have the black sheep in it when you get them made?
    I can tell these will be a big seller.

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