Up In The Crab Apple Tree

So many apples.  Once again the weight of the apples was too much for the crabapple tree in the barnyard and a branch broke under the weight of them.

Today I climbed back into the tree, like a did a year ago to prune it, and sawed off the broken branch.   It was already hanging low enough for the donkeys and sheep to strip the lower half of the apples, leaves and bark.

When the branch fell, I dropped the bow saw to the ground and sat in the tree.  I wasn’t that far from the ground, only about 15 feet or so. But still, I was in the tree, not under it like usual.

Earlier in the day I watched two bluejays hop and fly from one branch to the another and I envied them.  This was as close as I could get to being one of those birds in the tree.

The donkeys and sheep ate the rest of the apples from the branch once it was on the ground.  By now all the leaves and much of the bark are gone.  Sometime this week, I’ll cut the branch up and save some of the bigger parts to give to the animals to chew on this winter, when everything is covered in snow.

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