Making Dryer Balls

Two bags of roving.  White from Liam and Kim and Asher’s wool

“I wish I had written down what I did last year”, I texted to Emily when I told her I was making dryer balls from my roving. “Haha, I say that every time… the writing down doesn’t always happen.” she texted back.

I had forgotten some of the details of making drying balls since last year.  Like just how long to put them in the dryer and to wash them in hot water.

So I googled directions then went back to my blog to see if I had left any clues. It all came back to me as I started winding the roving into small balls.

roving wound into balls before being washed and dried

Last year I used pantyhose to tie the balls of wool in when washing and drying, but this time I remembered the brand new socks that Jon bought and never used.  The long colorful socks were in the attic, waiting for me to take them to Goodwill.

They were even better than pantyhose because I didn’t have to buy them and unlike the pantyhose which rip easily, they can be used again and again.

The dryer balls tied up in the socks

I used up my whole bag of white roving which came from Liam and Kim and was able to make about 60 dryer balls. Enough to fill my preorders from last year and then some.   I still have whole bag of Asher’s roving left.  So I’ll wind up a few 8 oz balls to sell to spinners and felters and make some more dryer balls with the rest.

The socks filled with dryer balls are clunking around in the dryer as I write this.  I’ll put a picture of them up tomorrow.

I’m sold out of Issachar’s black wool, but I still have a few more of each of the other colors available.  You can see them all in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here. 

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