Talking With Emily. Live On Instagram Tomorrow at 11am

One of Emily’s Appreciation Cards ( I love her sleeves!)

Emily Gold and I have been having Zoom Studio chats for about a year and a half.  She also makes the Appreciation Cards that Jon sends out to some of the people who donate to the Army of Good.  And in a couple of weeks, Jon will be taking one of Emily’s Collage classes.

For the past few Wednesdays at 11am Emily’s been giving some short live talks about how she makes her collage.  If you’re on Instagram, you can see the here.  Last week’s talk is what inspired Jon to sign up for a class and her video about organizing inspired me to clean up my studio.

Tomorrow, I’m going to join Emily live on Instagram at 11am and we’re going to talk about our weekly Zoom Studio Chats, how they work, what we talk about and what they mean to us.

You can watch live at 11am on Instagram at emilypapercake.   Or you can see the video anytime after that here.  hope you’ll join us.

(And if you like cats, check out Emily’s latest cat collages on Instagram here.)

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