Water Bucket

reflections in the water bucket

Bits of green from the mouths of donkeys and sheep
leaves from the apple tree

All summer I rescued drowning insects from the water bucket
lifting them with my fingertip or a leaf

Now the water is cool
there are no bugs floating on its surface
or drowning in its depths

At dawn, when I turned over in bed and looked out the closed kneeling window, the light on the pasture tricked me

My mind said snow

That’s me
adjusting to the longer nights, overcast days, layers of clothes

Soon I’ll plug the water bucket in to keep it from freezing
and the bare branches of the apple tree will be reflected in it.

7 thoughts on “Water Bucket

  1. having a hard time with the dark early mornings
    still barefoot and in tank top and shorts
    but with a fleece jacket added
    new to have fallen leaves on my front steps
    even the goldenrod has faded
    nature is closing up shop
    I need to be open to that

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