Asher’s Roving For Sale

My Wool and Roving, You can buy it here. 

Yesterday Suzy, texted me that she was craving yellow.  Maybe, she wrote, she’d have her mohair wool dyed in shades of yellows this year.

Suzy and I always trade pictures of our wool when it comes back from the mill.  The difference is she hand spins her to knit the shawls that I’ll be soon be selling on my blog.

I noticed after getting my wool back that it was awfully close to the colors that our Amish neighbors wear.  I can’t say they didn’t have an influence on them, even if I wasn’t conscious of it.  That made me wonder about Suzy’s craving for yellow.  “Maybe it’s the sunsets” she texted. Like how so many of the shawls that Suzy made last year reflected the colors in the landscape surrounding her house.

I still have a few skeins of each color of wool for sale, except for Issachar’s black wool, which is sold out. And now that I finished filling my preorders for dryer balls, I’m going to be selling some of Asher’s roving too.

Asher, like his twin brother Issachar, is a mix of Cormo, Romney and Blueface Leicester.  His wool is soft and springy. I’ve heard from a few spinners that it’s lovely to work with.

It can also be used for felting.  I’ve heard back from some of the people who bought my dryer balls last year made from Asher’s wool and they told me how well they held up.  One woman is buying 10 more for her children.

I’m selling three 8oz bags of Asher’s roving. It’s $28 + $7 shipping. 

My skeins of wool are all 3 ply worsted and 200 yards.  They’re $27 each + $5 shipping for one and $1 for each additional one. 

You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, click here, or you can email me here at [email protected].

Asher’s Roving 8oz for $28 + $7 shipping.  You can buy it here. 

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