Merricat, Constance and Robin, The Next Generation

Merricat, Robin, and Constance.  My next generation of sheep. 

I spent the day working on my quilt Place of Calm and in between processing orders for my Bedlam Farm Dryer Balls.   I hope to get many of them in the mail tomorrow and finish tacking my quilt.

Next week I’ll make more dryer balls to complete the orders I have and if I have any extra, I’ll sell them in my Etsy Shop. 

Liz was going to come and shear the sheep on Friday, but she has to hay her fields so Ian will come on Sunday at 7am to shear the sheep instead.

Merricat and Constance can really use it.  Their wool is longer than any of the other sheep. It’s the first time I’m shearing them and I’m curious to see what their fleeces will look like.

Then it will be time to make decisions about how to process their wool and choose colors for dying again.

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