Tacking “Place Of Calm”

Tacking Place of Calm

Night fills the windows of my studio giving me the feeling that the rest of the world is asleep, even though it’s only 7:30.

I’m listening to a Radio Lab Podcast as I tack my quilt Place Of Calm with indigo yarn.

I learn about the Placenta, how it feeds and protects the baby, competing with the body it grows in for nourishment.  Grandmother placenta, it’s called in many cultures. Often buried in the ground where the baby was born, connecting that child to the land forever.

Place of Calm is sold.  It’s going to hang in a building that provides services for women and children of domestic violence.

I think of Grandmother Placenta, the protector, as I pull the yarn through the layers of fabric and tie the knots. I’ve heard of women who get together and pray while they crochet afghans to give to people in need.  As if their prayers will somehow get woven into the blankets.

I like that idea.  I want to believe it.

So I push the needle through the fabric and tie a knot after knot,  praying in my own way.


4 thoughts on “Tacking “Place Of Calm”

  1. The clothes you are wearing in the tacking photo seem to be color coordinated with the beautiful quilt colors! I know women who crochet and knit prayer shawls for others and pray for the recipients while working on the shawls, but I never thought of the prayers being carried on in the yarn and finished shawls – what a lovely thought . . . 🙂

  2. I have a prayer quilt made by a friend’s church group. As they tie each knot they say a prayer for the recipient. A lovely idea.

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