End Of The Week

Fate looking at Constance who is way in the corner,  behind the fence and my Sheep Potholders hanging on the old maple tree.


As usually happens when I get my wool, my days are filled with packing up and mailing out orders.  Monday and Tuesday it was wool and today it was dryer balls.

I also finished my quilt Center Of Calm and finished sewing my Sheep Potholders.

But I’m too tired to do much more tonight.  So I’ll put my Sheep Potholders up for sale in my Etsy Shop on Sunday or Monday.  Ian is coming early Sunday morning to shear the sheep so most of the sheep will look very different by late morning.

My dryer balls in their envelopes, before taking them to the post office this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “End Of The Week

    1. The company sent them to me by mistake Lois. I usually get the compostable mailers made mostly from corn. But these are just as good in their own way. 🙂

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