My Old Sheep

Suzy, Pumpkin, Liam and Socks (and Fate of course)

I don’t always get to see these four sheep standing together.  Suzy and Socks are two of my original three sheep (Tess was the third, she was Socks Mother and died some years ago)I got them when we still lived at Old Bedlam Farm ten years ago.  Liam and Pumpkin are their lambs, now seven-year-old wethers.

Socks’ and Pumpkin’s wool isn’t long enough to shear.  Their wool isn’t growing as quickly as it used to.  But I’ll be shearing Suzy and Liam.

It’s kind of sweet seeing these four together.

2 thoughts on “My Old Sheep

  1. Old Friends/Bookends
    Song by Simon & Garfunkel, 1968

    Old friends
    Sat on their park bench like bookends
    A newspaper blowin’ through the grass
    Falls on the round toes
    Of the high shoes
    Of the old friends
    Old friends
    Winter companions, the old men
    Lost in their overcoats, waiting for the sunset
    The sounds of the city sifting through trees
    Settle like dust
    On the shoulders of the old friends
    Can you imagine us years from today
    Sharing a park bench quietly?
    How terribly strange to be seventy
    Old friends
    Memory brushes the same years
    Silently sharing the same fear
    A time it was, and what a time it was, it was
    A time of innocence
    A time of confidences
    Long ago it must be
    I have a photograph
    Preserve your memories
    They’re all that’s left you

    1. It’s kind of amazing that he wrote that song when they were so young. I’ve heard it so many times, but never really paid attention to the words. It’s just right. Thanks.

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