The Orphaned Woods, Falling Rain

I cannot walk in my Orphaned Woods, the ticks are back.  I do admire them though.  Being small myself, I find it inspiring to know that such a tiny insect can keep me from walking through the woods I love so much.

Though they may stop me from wandering the woods, I still have paths in my neighbor’s woods to walk on.

It’s been raining all day, dark and gloomy, but cozy and warm too.  Just as it started to get even darker at the end of the day, I decided it was time for a walk.  I haven’t been to my neighbor’s woods all summer, but this evening, they called to me.

Fate and Zinnia came along. Caring about getting wet as much as I did.

I love working with my wool. The rhythms of shearing, processing and selling it.  But after a while, I begin to feel the effects of not working in my studio. Of not being creative. I’d had enough of my office/guestroom by this evening.

That’s when I went back to the woods.

One of the many mushrooms I saw on my walk.


I didn’t realize just how soothing the rainy woods would be.

Walking on the path through the trees was like being emersed in a warm bath. The sound of rain in the woods is very different than the sound of rain on a roof or road. The rain in the woods was drenching but soft.  It made the sound that a drummer makes when brushing cymbals.

Every time I thought to take the short path back to my car, I found myself turning in the opposite direction, going deeper into the woods.  It felt too good.

Even the looming darkness didn’t deter me.

In the past, the thought of being in the woods as it grew dark would have frightened me.  But I’ve come to know these woods so well.  Walking through the dripping trees felt like being held.  Even when we passed through a strong musky smell and Fate and Zinnia ran in frenzied circles trying to track the scent, I only breathed more deeply to take it in more completely.

It does help to know that at any time I can turn back and be no more than a half-hour from home, where I can change out of my wet clothes and have a cup of hot tea.

Although I did daydream about setting up a small tent, taking off my wet clothes, crawling into a warm sleeping bag and falling asleep surrounded by the swish, swish of falling rain.

I was taking a picture of a group of mushrooms growing in the soil and leaves between the split tree when Fate jumped between them, knocking over the mushrooms. She was all but begging me to take her picture.


7 thoughts on “The Orphaned Woods, Falling Rain

  1. your post tempers somewhat my irritation at the constant rain yesterday, especially every time I needed to go out.
    I could have had a different experience.

  2. I loved the description of your walk, Maria. I could hear and smell what you so beautifully put into words.
    The mushroom looks like a gorgeous piece of pottery to me. Have you ever thought of a wall hanging or quilt with the many types of mushrooms you’ve seen?

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