Recovery Journal…With Jon

After an extra helping of wine, I sang the jingle to Jon.

Recovery Jour nal….With Jon.”

Then I told him, “An arrow appears and points at your head when I sing the words “With Jon.”

What can I say it’s what I saw.

Jon asked me to do a drawing of it.  But I told him it wasn’t a drawing, it was a video. I’ve seen people do things like that, but I don’t know how to make an arrow point at his head in a video.

So I settled for a photo without the Jingle.

Earlier in the evening, Jon said he guessed he’d be writing a recovery journal the next week or so since he wouldn’t be doing much else.  We learned today that after Jons’s surgery for a bone spur on his toe, he’d have to stay off his feet for one to two weeks. No shower’s either.  He can’t get his foot wet and will have to sleep in the big boot he’ll be wearing.

This was the first we heard of all of this so we were a little surprised.  I had imagined a day or two of Jon having to rest,  so I had to adjust my expectations.

The wine helped.

I was already planning how I’d spend my time in the house, looking after Jon those first few days.  I had my sketchbook ready but now I was thinking of the photos I’d take and alter for Jon’s Recovery Journal.  A few hours after dinner we started plotting.

“It’ll be fun,” I said, “we’ll work on it together.”  I’d never drawn on one of my photos before.  I learned something new already.

Tomorrow I’ll drive Jon to Saratoga and wait outside while he has his surgery.  I’ll bring my sketch pad and the macro lens for my iPhone. If I take a good photo or find a good video, I’ll blog about it on my iPhone while I’m waiting.

Jon’s doctor said he would probably be out of it for a day or two from the anesthesia. So things will be interesting around the farm for a while.

I’m not sure what to expect, which is probably a good thing.  A surrender of sorts.  I’ll just have to take things as they come.



5 thoughts on “Recovery Journal…With Jon

  1. Maria,

    Your love and courage are so apparent. This time and space may be slow and strange. On a lighter note, perhaps it may be kind of neat.

    When faced with delving into these spaces, caring for someone on a different level and keeping up with yourself may bring you into awesome places.

    Wishes to You and Jon,

  2. This is so great. To be facing it all with humor, and the spirit of an expedition into unmapped territory. Sounds perfect! Best to you both, and may creativity soar over all in the coming days.

  3. Making a recovery journal together, Maria, will be a great way for you both to process all the varied steps along the way in a healing and creative way. Great idea! With your creative and loving care Jon will heal quickly.

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