Round Potholders?

First I made a squarish potholder…

When Liz asked if I could make round potholders I had to take some time to think about it. I’ve been making squarish potholders for so long, the idea of round threw me off.

Maybe that’s why I decided to try it, to see what would happen.

After being away from my studio for a week, making potholders was the perfect thing to get me back to it.  And I figured if I was going to make Liz’s round potholders, why not give it a try today.

First I went to my scrap bin for material.  Then I made a circle 8 3/4 round to use as a template.  I placed the template over the squarish potholder and cut around it.

Without those straight edges, the potholder looked completely different to me. The fun part what that I didn’t really know what to expect once I cut the circle potholder out of the square.

What I liked about it is that it made me think differently.  What I didn’t like is that it didn’t look like one of my potholders.  I always think of my potholders as little quilts or sketches. Not plates or pizza’s, which is what the round potholders reminded me of when I first made them.

The one potholder I finished.

But, after making the six potholders that Liz asked about, I could imagine a time when a round potholder was just what a certain design might call for. Not that I know what that design might be.

Not yet anyway.

Six round potholders in the making.

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