Recovery Journal. Jon Back Home

I somehow forgot to post this photo of Jon from yesterday. Maybe it was because I was busy putting ice on Jon’s foot every 20 minutes. Or because I was rearranging the furniture around Jon and his foot.   (I have a hard time sitting still for too long).

We had a good first surgery day together. Jon was a little out of it, mostly wobbly on his feet and forgetful.

I can always tell when Jon isn’t really feeling well because he tries to do everything himself, even when he shouldn’t.  When he’s feeling better, that’s when he gets a little more helpless.


One thought on “Recovery Journal. Jon Back Home

  1. Thanks for the reports on Jon. Glad he is healing at home. Just love your posts about the farm—videos, etc. It looks idyllic, but I know how much work you both put into it from both your posts!

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