Recovery Journal. Back To Work

Today was better than yesterday. Jon was back in his study working at a more normal pace and I was back in my studio. He’s still keeping his foot on ice, but we’re a bit more relaxed about it. I set my timer for every half hour and made the short walk from my studio to the house to apply or remove the ice pack.

And after his best night of sleep in years because of his Sleep Apnea mask, Jon was feeling pretty good today. I could actually see it in this face, and feel it in the energy coming off of him. He was lighter, more radiant.

Even though I didn’t say it when I saw him for the first time in the mask, It was upsetting, as if it marked a change in our lives.

And I think it will, but not in the way I was thinking about it.  That strange thing on Jon’s head is going to be very good for both of us. Because it’s going to allow Jon to finally get the rest he’s been needing for years.

4 thoughts on “Recovery Journal. Back To Work

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it, Maria! And you can both make every joke in the book about how it looks! Laughter IS the best medicine. And all the good nights of sleep is the joke on the universe. And I am so happy for you both, the dogs, the donkeys, the sheep, the cats, the chickens–the whole kit and caboodle!

  2. People who have a quick and strong reaction to the machine have amazing results. You will have a new Jon – more emotionally and physically balanced. It is going to be so great.

    I had a friend with COPD that had a new life the first day he put that mask on.

  3. Hi Maria,
    Hubby Bruce started with the full Darth Vader mask and has now downsized to the much smaller soft plastic nasal insert ‘mask’ that just covers his upper lip and inserts into his nostrils. There was one size in between the two he tried in transition. Much quieter and more comfortable. Good luck

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