From Overalls To Dress

Jon bought me the overalls at Carrolls Trading Post, a while ago.  I tried to wear them, but they were really too big and too much of the same. When I looked down at myself, I felt like I was wearing pajamas.

I knew if nothing else I could use the fabric, but I decided to try to make them into a dress instead of pants.

And today was the day to do it.  I couldn’t really concentrate on anything and was still keeping an eye on Jon after his surgery.  So this was the perfect thing to work on.

Don’t ask me what I did, I couldn’t tell you.  I cut pieces off and sewed others on till it looked like I wanted it to.

And when I was done it looked like this…..

9 thoughts on “From Overalls To Dress

  1. That’s awesome! I love how you repurpose things and make them work for you! That is a gift to have that insight, you’re an artist in true form! Your dress looks wonderful on you!!!

  2. I make dresses all year round and enjoy doing so, with 3 basic patterns I have used for years–one of them looks exactly like this one of yours. According to the season the materials are heavy or light weight and the colors are also dark or light colored. Rather than patchwork I sew in tiers, using 1, 2, or 3 different designs, with shoulder straps or long sleeves or short sleeves

    Meanwhile I have just begun to sew a scarf made from many old embroidered handkerchiefs. I find sewing both relaxing and leaving time for thinking–a very nice occupation. More so as all my sewing is done by hand, with my legs up and reclining.

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