Recovery Journal. Minnie’s Borscht

I’m going to leave the writing on this one to Jon.  He wrote a blog post all about the Borscht and got it mostly right and made me laugh too.  You can read it here.

The one thing I do disagree with is the idea that I thought I might make a better Borscht than Grandma Minnie Cohen.

The first time I ever tasted borscht was a few years ago at the Round House Cafe.  It was made by Lisa Carrino and I loved it. More recently I’ve had borscht, which is very different than Lisa’s but also delicious, from a Slovenian Cafe.

I just don’t know enough about borscht to be competitive about it.

Just before posting this blog, I got an email from Elizabeth.  She said that she’d been channeling her Jewish Grandma. They do work through others that love their people. She wrote.  I find it so special when I hear them clearly.  Just a few simple words, the right words at the right time.  And a feeling.

I love everything about beets.  Their earthy flavor.  The way they look like the heart of the earth when you pull them out of the ground. Their, bright, deep reddish-pink color, that stains my hands and everything they come in contact with. Like blood it turns darker the longer it’s exposed to the air.

So it makes sense that Minnie would speak to me through beets, probably one of the few things we have in common besides loving Jon.

Cutting up the beets last night for the Borscht on Carol Conklin’s sheep cutting board.

6 thoughts on “Recovery Journal. Minnie’s Borscht

  1. You’ve made me quite curious about borscht, I’ve never had it, or made it – look forward to hearing what you think of how your second batch turned out. We usually cube our beets and cook them as part of an assorted tray of mixed roast veg with things like parsnips, turnips and potatoes, sautee the bigger leaves, and use the smallest tender ones in salads.

    This year I grew a golden color variety for the first time, which are just as tasty – and a lot less messy to work with!

  2. I’m so glad your borscht turned out tasting delicious! I’m sure Jon loved it and Gramma Minnie smiled from above. ❤️
    Growing up I helped my mom pickle beets. They were my favorite, and of course being a kid having beet stained hands was pretty cool. My mom didn’t use a recipe, just a bit of this and a splash of that. I wish I would’ve watched more carefully growing up because I sure miss my moms pickled beets.


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