Waiting With Jon

My “Waiting” drawing from today of the woman sitting across from me.  It should really say “Waiting with Jon”.  I’ll have to fix that.

Not only did I get to go into the waiting room with Jon when he went for his post-surgery check-up, but I got to go into the examining room too.

I’ve been bandaging Jon’s toe every morning for months looking at it always with the hope that the small wound was healing.  It would seem to be getting better at times, but it never completely healed.   So it was a thrill when Dr. Daly unwound the big bandage on Jon’s toe today, and even with the eight stitches, it looked better than it had in over six months.

Jon still has to stay off his foot and keep it elevated.  But now he only needs to ice it once a day.  So far it looks like it was the bone spur that was causing the wound not to heal.  Hopefully, we’ll know for sure in another week when the stitches come out.

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