A “New” Shelf For My Studio


Letting the shelf dry outside my studio after cleaning it.

We were driving back from The Mansion this morning after we dropped off some Halloween decorations when I spotted the shelf.  This past weekend lots of people in our town had yard sales and today people were giving away the things they didn’t sell.

I’ve been thinking about getting or even making another shelf for my studio for some time, but I hadn’t gotten around to it.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open though.  Mostly as I drive past people’s houses and see a pile of things on their front lawn that they’re giving away for free.

I couldn’t have conjured up a better shelf than the one I found this morning. Tall and narrow it’s the perfect size for the space I was planning on putting it in.  It just fit in Jon’s car too.

The base and the bottom shelf were broken, but it was an easy fix.  I just removed the base and screwed the shelf back together.

After cleaning the shelf and rearranging some things in my studio I screwed the shelf to the wall to secure it. Now I get to fill it with fabric.

I’m sure I’ll be doing more rearranging.  I like to rethink my studio sometimes. It stirs the energy up and lets me see some of the fabric I’ve had for a while in a new way.

The new shelf in my studio.  I put the quilt tops and backing for the Bishop Magin Quilt Project in it for now. I still have four to make.  I’m trusting I’ll get them done just when it’s the right time for the kids in Sue’s class to work on them.

4 thoughts on “A “New” Shelf For My Studio

  1. Eureka! What a wonderful find. Veronica’s prophetic “bring into sweet focus a world my heart requires” worked its magic.

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