Recovery Journal. A New Bandage

Jon woke up this morning with both his boot (which he has to wear to bed) and the bandage off his foot.  He’s not sure how it happened, but the bandage wasn’t supposed to be removed till his appointment with the foot surgeon next week.

I put the bandage back on his foot and he called the doctor’s office. Dr Daly wanted him to come in so she could check his foot and rebandage it.  But Jon convinced her that the stitches still looked good and there was no blood or swelling. So we didn’t have to make the trip to Saratoga.

Instead, we went to town and got some gauze and I rebandaged his foot, the same way I had seen Dr. Daly do it.

So much excitement, I forgot all about the potholders I was supposed to put in the mail. But it’s finally sinking in that these are not normal days around here, so things will not go as expected.

One thought on “Recovery Journal. A New Bandage

  1. Maria…
    Not normal here either. Our health and medicine will do that; they just won’t wait. Planning becomes a luxury, and each day becomes an exercise in reacting.

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