Recovery Journal. A New Bandage And New Sleep Apnea Mask

It wasn’t a whisper, it just sounded small.  Really small.  And far away. Jon said he’d been trying to wake me up for a while, but I only heard my name, as if spoken from the end of a long funnel, once.

“Did you call my name?” I asked still mostly asleep.

It was the second time that Jon woke me up to tell me the bandage had come off his foot.  The third time would be when we were getting up anyway.  Even though I had wrapped sticky tape around the bandage and Jon’s foot it still came off. I had to cut the tape off.

Luckily we were able to go to the foot surgeon’s office, even thought there was only one nurse on duty, and have the bandage replaced.  Kevin, the nurse, who looked and acted like he spent some time in the military did a great job.  Quick and efficient he wrapped the non-stick blue bandage tape around Jon’s whole foot and ankle instead of just the toes.

I watched and he gave me extra bandages, just in case.

On the way home we stopped to do some food shopping and a few other chores in town.

I was resolved to the fact that I wasn’t going to get into my studio today.  But I did order the cotton and insulated batting that I’ll need when I do get back to work. I got a 96″ x 40-yard roll of cotton batting and  45″ x 40 yards of Insulated batting for my potholders.  Like so many things, both have gone up in price since I last bought them a few months ago. But at least I won’t have to worry about running out of batting for a while.

After a late lunch, I went to get the mail.  This is something I have to be reminded to do because Jon always gets the mail so I just don’t think about it.

The mailbox was stuffed with packages. In one of them was Jon’s new sleep apnea facemask.  This face mask that covers his nose and mouth is something he’s been swearing he’d never wear since he first heard about them.  Even when he had no clue he had sleep apnea he often repeated that he wouldn’t want to go to bed looking like Darth Vader.

There have been some big changes in our lives together in just the past couple of weeks.  From Jon wearing a  mask to bed to adjusting his and my diet to better suit his needs as a diabetic, to the complications with his foot.

And although they’re all things that can change for the better, I will admit the adjustment to it all hasn’t been easy for me.

But when Jon tried on his new sleep apnea mask today, I saw it differently than I would have even a week ago.  Instead of thinking it very strange (which it is) I thought of how much better it might be for him.

I’ve already seen the difference it makes when he’s gotten a good night’s sleep using the first sleep apnea mask he got which only covered his nose. This will only make it better.

It’s always interesting to see what we humans can adapt too.  Jon got used to living without a good night’s sleep for so long he didn’t even know he wasn’t sleeping.  So I imagine he and I can adapt to getting into bed with a mask added to the equation.

Because really, even with that tube coming out of the mask on his face, I can still see the smile in Jon’s eyes.

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