Piecing Together A Skirting Table


Tomorrow afternoon our neighbors Lena and Fanny will come to the farm to help me skirt my wool again.  They helped in the spring and it went really well.  This time I’ll have something new for skirting the wool.

A while back someone wrote to me and said that she skirts her wool by putting the fleece on an old screen door and shaking it, letting most of the stuff that get stuck in the wool fall out of it.

I tried this with an old screen window I found in the attic in the spring.  But it didn’t work because the holes in the screen were, of course, too small.   So today I cut the old screen off and replaced it with a piece of fencing. And I just happened to have an old table that was in the hayloft in the barn without a top.  So it makes great legs for my skirting table.

Now I’m just hoping the holes in the fencing aren’t too big. But I’ll find out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

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