Suzy’s Shawl “Winter Sky”….For Sale

“I know I made this one in winter” Suzy texted me.  “It has the clear blue of sky against dark clouds.”

I immediately thought of those very cold days when the sky is bright blue.  But it’s the gray clouds that bring snow.  “Winter Sky” I texted back.   And we both knew it was the right name for the shawl.

It’s the details that aren’t noticeable right away that really intrigue me about Suzy’s work.  There always seems to be a little gift.  In this one, it’s the ropy stripe that falls from the neckline and wraps around the opposite shoulder. Bulky, like a long braid, It’s a wonderful contrast to the lacy gray knit. And once you take a close look at it you see the subtle shifts in color too.

Winter Sky is 64″ long x 17″. It’s $150 + $10 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected].  I take check, PayPal and Venmo. 

detail of the ropy “braid”

All of Suzy’s shawls are hand spun and hand knit.  The angora wool comes from her goats Alice, April, Lucy, Ruth, and Larry.  She also uses wool from some of her favorite fiber artists.  Suzy washes all her shawls in a natural solution which makes them even softer.

You can see a video of Suzy’s very popular and cute goats here.

Winter Sky
A few of Suzy’s angora goats


2 thoughts on “Suzy’s Shawl “Winter Sky”….For Sale

  1. i’ve perused suzi’s shawls since you began selling them in your etsy shop. each one has been so beautiful. i, for one, can feel the softness and coziness in the photos, see the surprise spots of color or texture change and each has been aptly named. no wonder they sell so quickly. does suzi have a website? can you repeat some information about her background? is she a vermont artist? i believe you wrote about it a couple of years ago. thanks for the video of her goats and sheep. they are beautiful animals and sure give some beautiful wool. thank you, maria, for including suzi and your other artist friends in your blog and shop.

    1. Thanks Jan for all your good words, I’ll make sure to pass them along to Suzy. Suzy doesn’t have a website, but I’ll write more about her and how I’ve come to sell her shawls on my blog every year.

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