Collage Class With Emily At The Farm

Jon was intrigued when he saw one of Emily’s videos on Instagram about how to make a collage.  He wanted to try it and see if he could make his own “Appreciation Cards”.  These are the collage cards that Jon buys from Emily to send to donors to The Army Of Good.

So he decided to take one of her collage classes.

Emily came to the farm today and we all sat at the dining room table and ripped and cut and painted, drew and pasted.

When Jon said he wanted to make a donkey, Emily talked about capturing the essence of the animals.  Jon decided the ears and eyes were important on the donkey and I think he nailed it.

Jon and I plan on spending some time this weekend making more collages.

If you’re interested in taking one of Emily’s virtual collage classes you can find out more about them on her website  Just click here.  You can also see and buy her collages there too.

Jon’s  donkey collage

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