Some Potholders

On of my Sheep Potholders

There was just a bit more the sheep linen towel left so I was able to make a few more Sheep Potholders.  I designed the potholder with the black sheep for Jane. She asked for it a while ago and has been patiently waiting for me to make it.

I still have to make all these into potholders and will get to it quicker, I hope, than my last batch.

Sheep Potholders.  That’s Jane’s on top

I also made a few potholders from scraps I found in my bin…

Two Horses….

A Rhino and Cow.  And the Owl is for Esther who asked if I had one.

6 thoughts on “Some Potholders

  1. Oh!! I am excited about your sheep potholders!! May I reserve one or is it too late!! Love them and the fact that my family has Irish roots make them very special!!

    So enjoy your art and wisdom!!

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