Chicken Feet

I’ve been trying to get a video of the chicken’s feet for days.  They seem almost prehistoric to me. I love to watch how they clutch and release, then flatten out on the ground.  Those feet that vibrate when they’re on the ground  to get insects to come to the surface.  They’re craggy and curious. The Brahma’s feet are covered in the feathers.  Brown Hen’s are sleek and scaly.

In the spring they all hop right out of the roost.  But these day’s they linger, pecking around and hopping out each at their own pace.

It took me a few mornings to make the adjustments that got them to all come out more quickly. First I removed their food  from the coop before opening the door.  Then I put dried meal worms in a bowl outside the coop.

If you’ve never thought about chicken feet before, here’s your chance.

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