Falling Leaf

It was the colors I wanted to remember.  So I took a picture of the green field and Vermont’s Green Mountains in the distance hoping they’d stick. And as I clicked the photo, a leaf fell from a tree into my picture.

I had plans for a few more posts tonight, but I’m worn out.  So I’m going to leave you with this falling leaf till Sunday.  See you then.

6 thoughts on “Falling Leaf

  1. A beautiful gift for my Saturday morning. Thank you! Enjoy your Saturday. Does anyone else remember that song: “Come Saturday morning, I’m going away with my friend, We’ll Saturday-spend ’til the end of the day…” No? Just me? Am I that old? Don’t answer that!

  2. I live at 1700′ on the western facing slopes of VT’s Green Mountains in Starksboro, which is further north of you but I can wave in your general direction.

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