Suzy’s Shawl, “Here I Am” …Sold

Here I Am is 62″x 18″ and is $150 + $10 Shipping.  You can buy it here.

Maybe it shows that Suzy made this shawl in the summer. It shouts “Here I Am“. And I keep thinking how wonderful it would be to have those breathtaking colors wrapped around me on a cold winter’s day.

The combination of bold Chakra colors is joyful in a deep and enriching way.  Suzy’s Here I Am Shawl is a wonderful way to bring color to the gray days of winter.

Suzy has been hand spinning and hand knitting shawls for years.  She started selling them at our Bedlam Farm Open Houses and I have continued selling them on my blog for the past three years.

Each of Suzy’s shawls is a unique creation. Most of the wool comes from her angora goats, Alice, April, Ruth, Lucy and Larry.  (You can see a video of them below. Willis also makes an appearance.  He is a pygmy goat)  When she finishes a shawl, Suzy washes them in a natural solution so they are as soft as they look.

Here I Am is 62″long x18″.  It’s $150 + $10 shipping. It’s sold You can buy in in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

Here I Am
close-up of the yellow locks knit into the green of “Here I Am”

9 thoughts on “Suzy’s Shawl, “Here I Am” …Sold

  1. Ya gotta be quick to get suzies shawls saw “ here I am “. Three am during terrible storm here in california . Too my dismay no internet connection would go through And I missed out. I know the person who was lucky will really enjoy this piece . I own several each one is more beautiful than the last.

    1. Ah Diana, I never really think of the time difference. I’m so glad you got to buy one of Suzy’s Shawls recently to add to the others. I will pass on your good words to Suzy. Thank you!

  2. Diana you are so kind and I’m sorry you missed out. Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate your support!!

  3. for a moment, i thought you might treat YOURSELF to this shawl, maria! thank you for refreshing the information about suzy and her beautiful work/art. i do remember when she was part of the arts and crafts you displayed during the open houses. is she local to your area? as I’ve said before, each shawl has been lovely. i would’ve purchased several but i live where there aren’t any dreary, cold days of winter, so not needed. just seeing them is a treat!

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