The Moon, Sea And Diana



Last week I spent hours trying to figure out the next step on my Square of Scraps quilt.

But it just wasn’t working.  Finally, I decided to take it apart.

Over the weekend I got an idea that seemed right to me.  So today I began working on the part with the moon and water.  Once I added the deer to the right of the moon, I kept thinking of Diana, Goddess Of The Hunt.

Then I took the pieces of leftover fabric from the overalls that I made into a dress a few weeks ago and sewed them together using Jon’s old Chamois shirts to connect them.

Finally, this feels so right to me. And I have no doubts that the Square of Scraps will become another quilt.

2 thoughts on “The Moon, Sea And Diana

  1. two fine squares! the ocean and moon piece looks very Asian in style and the lower square looks like pieces origami. will be interesting to see where they take you.

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