Lean On Me

Flo and Minne (I’m not sure if that’s Kitty or Anne in the foreground)

Like people animals communicate with body language and proximity to each other.

Suzy, Liam, Asher, and Issachar are happy to have me scratch their backs and heads.  Socks, Pumpkin Biddy, Constance, Merricat, and Lori will get right up to my face but as soon as I move my hands they back away.  After all these years, Kim is just getting used to taking treats from me.  And Robin will come up to me but doesn’t like me approaching him.

Fate is afraid of Flo and won’t come into the house if she’s sitting near the door.  And Zinnia waits for Bud to come in the house before she’ll come in.

Asher and Liam
Bud and Zinnia, best friends.

2 thoughts on “Lean On Me

  1. beautiful photo, highlighting the dogs, but so much wood texture in the background, peeling bark in itself is amazing. Then there is the horizontal wood of the building and the horizontals of the wire…

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