Autumn Arrives


An autumn sky this morning as the sheep grazed the back pasture

The dark and cold days of fall have arrived.  For the past three day’s we’ve had the first fires in the wood stoves.  Jon, feeling better, has been bringing in the wood, which works very well for me.

The downstairs warms up quickly.  But I could feel the wind from the north blowing through the bedroom windows this morning.

So after taking care of the animals, I put the old wooden storm windows on upstairs and replaced the screen on the back door with a window.  Then I put two of the wooden storm windows on my studio.  I’ll have to plane one of them down(some of the storms seem to grow with the season or the window frames shrinks) so I’ll leave that one for the weekend.

Even though it’s only Wednesday I have a list of things to do this weekend.

The dahlias are finally waining, although they’re still pretty colorful.  But I want to dig them up before it gets so cold that I won’t enjoy doing it. I also want to put my vegetable garden to bed.  I’ll cover it in donkey manure, then leaves, and finally, cardboard held down with bricks.

Cleaning the gutters is also on the list along with getting the bird feeder up.

There’s still plenty of grass in the back pasture for the sheep and donkeys, but its nutritional value is on the decline.  Soon we’ll be feeding hay and plugging in the water buckets.

And a sure sign that winter is coming is Bud, who spends more time inside than out and has found his place once again in front of the woodstove.

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